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I sat this morning admiring my beautiful orchid as she stretched her new bright green growth and buds towards the light of the kitchen window.  It seemed so natural.  It is so much simpler to seek light and all that is beautiful, blissful, loving and kind over darkness.

To hold this intention to grow in light with power, wisdom and creativity is also an opportunity to experience a bold and fearless trust in life and become further empowered to live it with courage and zest.  It is through darkness that one senses a void, fear, emptiness, rage, sadness or anxiety and where  we often struggle to find this light.  I too, have been there a few times in my life and with my own creative journey.

Creativity, like our life and spiritual paths are similar in that they all go through a process.  There is a dying and shedding off, a seeking for the light out of darkness, a rest and regeneration an acceptance and then new life, new energy and inspiration that bursts forth with new perspective and new light.

In order to find this amazing light that we all search for as creative souls,  we often need to be willing to spend time in the darkness. Just as the earth  travels through seasons, so does the process of creating.

Being in the darkness doesn’t happen by accident or as a result of being lazy and unconscious. It doesn’t materialize from us lacking or stalling. It is part of growing. I think of it more as a rite of passage, an uplevelling, a growing and it’s not for the faint of heart. It is an important and necessary part of becoming more.  I have found the most profound growth creatively and personally has always come from the longest and most painful times in darkness.

You are so powerful and yet also very vulnerable during the darkness period before becoming more in yourself or within your creativity that it is easy to slip into self-sabotage, or to mistake this period as a downward spiral, a lack and become critical of yourself, your direction, your life purpose and your work. It can feel overwhelming and like one is out of control. Its important to take the time here to recognize it for what it is and to TRUST. Trust that it is an important part in the cycle of the growing process just as the garden blooms in the spring we too much understand that even the darkness is valuable and that its all going to be ok.

If this is part of your life right now, or of someone else that you know or love, I hope that this helps you shift any negative perception that may surround this thing called ‘darkness’, that we all go through.   Remember that you don’t need to carry fear.  Stay in compassion for yourself or others and stay out of fear which causes anger, hate and destructiveness and feeds the inner critic of all. After all, one can never heal the inner critic, as it just is.  The key to all of this is the ability to Recognize it and be in your compassionate heart when you hear it coming.  

This is the perfect time to step aside and become the observer of your life. Become unattached. As the observer of and not in your life, you can make a choice.  Choose to dive into the light, and start with your thoughts. If you are helping another through, just be the light that they are searching for in whatever form that takes.

A beautiful orchid needs water to encourage growth and so do you, through recognition and selfcare,  you can feel connected to and compassion for yourself and your heart.  Let go of all of your expectations or attachment to any outcome. This is a time to feel honoured that you are able to create, and an opportunity to stay humble and faithful to love.

Hang tight…Soon it will be time to bloom.

Wherever  You Go – Go with All your Heart

I wish all of this for you and more  xox

Mary Ann

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