Should I trust my Spiritual Teacher?

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Q: Should I trust my Spiritual Teacher?
A: Mistrust all, until you are convinced. Go into things with your eyes wide open. Know your boundaries.
A true teacher will never humiliate you, or others, nor will they estrange you from yourself. They will be consistent and kind and constantly bring you back to the fact of your inherent perfection and encourage you to seek within.
A good teacher knows you need nothing, not even them and is never tired of reminding you.
A good teacher will never push ‘things’ on people, (sell-sell-sell), nor will they abuse their power by asking you to do things for them for free-even if its in the name of selfless service.
Trust your gut. Listen to your Intuition. It will tell you.
A good teacher will genuinely feel honoured to be your teacher, not the other way around.

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