Allowing Room is the Key to Finding Your Purpose

Mary Ann A Thought Leave a Comment

Let go of your desperate struggle to find your path. The process of discovering your true purpose or your unique authentic self  is a natural one.  It wants to come out and you don’t need to struggle so hard to find it . Rather put your effort into simply getting out of your own way instead of trying so damn hard to make it happen.  Allow room for the flow and give yourself permission to love yourself for exactly who you are right now with all of your quirks and faults. Stop trying so hard to figure it all out -it’s already inside of you and it’s natural.  The secret is to simply Love yourself -no matter what.  Stay away from your past stories, shed them off like a snake skin along with the others that continue to shame you, to make themselves feel bigger. What you want to create wants to be created! It’s that simple.  The world wants your creativity .  Create Create Create ❤❤❤

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