Sweet Nothingness

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There is an art to doing nothing. I do it every single day and I am getting really good at it.

Every morning at 5 am.  I get up. I take my dogs outside and then the three of us retreat to my meditation room.

I wake up happy just knowing that I have carved out  time  in my day to do something that I love to call nothingness. It takes as little as 15 minutes but sometimes I can do nothing for 45 minutes.

When I was growing up for some reason ‘ doing nothing’ felt unproductive. It was considered lazy.

It was something that I never allowed myself to do, up until now.

  Once I started to make it a daily habit, my life began to change.

Things seemed to worked better.  I felt happier.  Soon I was hooked.

After about 3 weeks of regular sitting I started to notice the rewards.   Doing nothing has helped me to be more present during the day, more  productive, more creative,  energetic and more tuned into everyone and everything in my  busy life.  Many people call this same practice meditation. I like to call it nothingness because it feels more true to what I am doing. I  am literally sitting in nothingness. Emptying out my mind, my thoughts, my expectations, my judgments. I am doing absolutely nothing. I am sitting open and available, in the moment of  what is now.


Sometimes I listen to the beautiful voice of Snatam Kaur. (Her Album) Sometimes I sit in silence

I don’t think

I allow everything in- I see- I listen-I feel

I learn.


Inside the nothingness I have discovered many things about life, myself and others. I have watched with amazement as  masterpieces and novels were created in my mind.   The biggest thing that I discovered was that life is so much easier then I thought it was and that its ok to move slow. 

When I sit still all the answers to everything I seem to have been searching for come my way.

I have been practicing nothingness consistently for over a year now. It has become as regular in my life as brushing my teeth.

It was in this nothingness where I was finally able to see the world as safe and myself as whole and in time, my purpose for being here in this life slowly became clearer and clearer.

Are you looking for sweet nothingness? To visit this place within yourself where you can hear and see what you need to so you can move beyond? This is not something that someone can give to you or that you can buy in a store. The best place to start looking for Joy  is within yourself. It’s in you, not in the outer world or in the hands of someone else.

Pick a time and sit still. (Its really that simple) and dive deep into yourself by doing absolutely nothing.

Want to learn how to do nothing? Martha Beck wrote a great book on the importance of practicing daily ‘nothingness’ in your life.

The book is called The Joy Diet.  

I love this book.

Here is a link to purchase The Joy Diet – AMAZON

Martha Beck  has free worksheets on her site that you can use along with the book.  WORKSHEETS 

I think doing nothing every day is the greatest thing.  I encourage everyone to do nothing for at least 15 minutes a day even if it means getting up a few minutes earlier. Its worth it !

Tomorrow morning at 5 am I will doing absolutely nothing and I will be the happiest woman in the world. :) :) .

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  2. Oh my goodness Maryann. I picked up this book at Harbour Landing Village in the Library before I left there. I will definitely dive into .
    Love, Laurie

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