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The Creativity Cycle

The bridge that stands between the inner mind and the world and the bounties that cross back and forth on that bridge constitute creativity.

Creativity is a living energy that has a cycle. It all begins with a spark that surfaces and seizes your creative soul. This first creative impulse is like a flash of light, a shower of sparks that leave behind an idea. This first initial spark is what drives us, and moves our idea from impulse to manifestation.

If allowed the room to grow, idea begins to takes shape and form. It evolves, and grows through ones playfulness and open mindedness and freedom.    Creativity takes place.  IT is magical, fulfilling uplifting and spiritual. The spark is slowly diminished as it has brought forth an idea into form.

Creativity rests. It breathes and waits.

Creativity is a living energy.  It is Life and Death and Life again  and the key to living in unison with this beautiful strong energy that we all own,  is in learning how to ride the wave.   In having a knowing and understanding that it will return, and you will be more knowledgeable and more capable and a more knowing person when it comes again. This is the life of a creative soul.

Even water moves back and forth, this action of going down and then up again is what brings in the new life that we need. This action is what continues to fill us up.


Love Mary Ann  xox


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