Mirror Mirror

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Mirror Mirror on the wall..

Do you spend a lot of time wondering who you are?
Who are you?
Who are you, really?
At times, I think I am everything,
and at the same time I think I am nothing.
I am happiness, and stillness.
I am sadness and I am craziness.
I am the wild party girl and at the same time
I am the silent one at the back of the room, observing.

Is it possible to be all things?
Maybe we are all a little bit of everything ?

Would you be able to recognize yourself, with kindness and compassion from the inside, if you met your soul at a party?

This is a skill that takes so much self love it is hard for some to do;To be willing to stand in full openness and to not only look but to see and to love.

In an effort to accept everything that you are, all of your bits and bops the good and the not so good, the quiet and the crazy you need to first strip yourself bare and take a good honest long look.
Most aren’t willing to do that part. We are sacred of what we might find.

Being willing to love ourselves and work together with all of our strengths also means tending to our training wheels in all the areas of ourselves where we are still learning. They need to be oiled and nurtured through encouragement and acceptance.


Self-discovery is a life-long journey and not something that is going to happen in a 3 month on-line course, most of it comes down to a simple, free daily mindful practice.

There are many free things we can all do, every day that will help keep us moving forward, towards our purpose in life and become the best to better versions of who we already are.

First one is to stop. Stop right where you are right now and give yourself a hug. You are absolutely loveable, perfect, beautiful and a miracle just for being born.

Second one is to sit and observe, pick up the mirror to see yourself, take inventory of who you are and again, with love. Send your self love to your outer shell, your body, your thoughts, your past, your (so called) mistakes, accomplishments, lessons, awakenings without judgement or fear.
This is a great intention to bring into your meditation which is a wonderful way to practice allowing change into your life.

“I am me..in all of this and I send myself love, gratitude, and acceptance.”

Maybe its time to be ok with you not knowing if you are everything, and nothing at the same time, and accepting that its ok to be both. Maybe its time to be ok with not knowing exactly who you are or what your purpose in life is.

Yes – it IS ok to Not Know. Doesn’t saying that out loud help you feel better already? Try it.

Maybe its ok to allow yourself to feel all that you feel without thinking you will be shamed, or silenced or in terms of it being right or wrong, good or bad, naughty or nice.

To stop judging, stop trying so hard to change yourself but rather be open to shifting your perception slightly in a way that is more open, more allowing more vulnerable and available for expansion. Its time to honour yourself and allow yourself the space to expand.

Stop the crazy overanalyzing and allow yourself to just BE.

Start Living your life.

Third is to Trust.

Know that its ok to be afraid but step into your life anyway.

Trust that there will always be enough. Trust that you will receive what you need, it may not be in the form that you want but you will receive what your soul needs.

Trust that you have amazing gifts that the world needs to receive.
Live in gratitude for everything you have around you.

Spend time with your dogs, your cats, your children your friends and people you love. Do things that bring you joy, have fun, laugh. Put the energy of your thoughts into the words of a poem or short story or use a devastating experience to help heal the world or inspire others and create something meaningful for the world.

Fourth – Surround yourself with people that love you. Become owed to love – Love is the power. There are people that say they love you and then there are people that love you…stick with the latter. Trust your heart on this one, it always knows the difference. <3 <3 One of my favourite authors, Eckhart Tolle said "Everything is honoured, but nothing matters. The essence of which means that everything including ourselves, is already whole and complete, exactly as we are meant to be for this moment right now. That this moment, right now is all that matters. There is no right time, because this is it. And by the way that right time moment just left the building and now we have another new moment...to catch. So roll up your sleeves and jump on into your life, RIGHT NOW, even if you aren't sure how. Accept and love YOURSELF for everything and nothing that you are and trust that what ever you are right now at this moment, will be enough to help you land you safely on the ground.

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