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What a great opportunity this year has been to dive into ourselves, and bring our talents to light. Art is coming to the forefront in people’s lives and finally people are beginning to blossom.

Throughout my years of being an artist I have learned so much about life, creativity and about the things that hold me back as an artist.

Interestingly enough I discovered that my art journey was often a reflection of my personal life in many ways.

The things I was bumping up against in life that were holding me back as a person were similar to the blockages that were in front of me as an artist.

I found that the more I learned about myself and the more I was willing to be myself, the better my art became.

Art doesn’t lie.
I took years of painting classes and spent years in my studio studying technique but it wasn’t until I started painting with my heart, that my art started to show the truth. I saw it, I felt it and so did others. Commissions began to roll in and my art began to sell.

Once we focus less on technique and more on finding a deeper understanding of who we are our art will change.

“Create from your heart, not your head. Be willing to stand up and say, Hello world, this is who I am.

maryann burrows

Be willing to fail. Be willing to stand up again.

Expressing who YOU are is what makes good art.
Incorporate your soul and your heart into your artwork
and allow yourself to be vulnerable and let the world see a little piece of who you are, and what you love.

Don’t get me wrong its good to learn a technique and develop your skills. BUT more important than that is doing the self work and the deep dive into your soul, and being still enough to listen to what your soul needs to say to the world, through your art.

Just like with a painting, where design is more important than technique, a painting that has been painted from your soul says more to the world than one that just matches a couch. Push yourself, get out of your head and take chances, take risks. The world needs your art. Paint, draw, sing, create.

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