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I bought a gift for myself today. I had been admiring them for three weeks and today I made the trip into the city to hold this in my hand.  This very special hand made/dried rose bead Mala necklace was made in India. Each black bead is made from fresh roses, boiled to a paste in water then hand molded and rolled into these tiny imperfect beads. They are then pierced with a needle for threading and dried for days.  After they are dry (about 10 days) they are hand beaded onto a string and blessed.   There are no chemicals, or sealers applied. The smell is intoxicating. When I wear it around my neck I feel like I am laying in a rose garden and staring at the sky. It takes me away to a place that I have never been. 

I chose this necklace out of the 9 left in his store, because of the way that it felt in my hands as I strummed my fingers along the beads. It felt, right. 

This string has 93 red damask rose beads plus beads of fluorite and silver, bringing it up to the traditional mala size.   To create a piece like this it takes over 40 hours from start to finish. The man that I purchased it from is Ray the owner of Durga Interiors on west 4th in Vancouver. I have known Ray for about 9 years. I met him when I was building my house and in need of some antiques from India.

In order to be able to purchase these necklaces from the farm in India, Ray is also required to put in some energy of his own. In addition to running a successful Interior business full of unique India artifacts and treasures, in Vancouver Canada, the only way that Ray can get these beaded malas is for him to fly to India and actually work on the flower farm

It is an exchange ; One necklace = two hours of farm labour. (The rose farm is one of three that he travels to India to work at. The others are a  lotus and a marigold farm) All three farms work the same on an energy exchange program and people are only invited to work  if the family that owns and runs the farm feels that they are Spiritually ready. It can take years to be invited in, some people never get to work on the farm. They will only sell their necklaces to people that work on the farm and it is an honour to be invited.

Ray has gone back 4 times to India since he was first asked to work on the farms, despite the hard work and the living conditions.  “This,” he explained,” is one of the most meaningful retreats and I go every year.” Although he calls it a retreat, it is far from a comfortable place. There are no beds, no toilets, no showers, no electronics and no talking allowed. Through his work on the farm, he said that he has had a huge shift of perspective  and has found a new understanding of life. “Everyone is equal on the farm.” says Ray.  This experience seems to have changed him in unimaginable ways. “It doesn’t matter what you own, or how many letters you have behind your name, we are all the same. We are all there to work. There is no hierarchy based on what you have done in your life before you get to the farm, it is an equal field. “

He shared many of his stories and it ignited my curiosity about what it would be like to actually work on a flower farm for a week or so in India. Could I live  with no electronics, no talking, no room to sleep in, no toilet and no shower for a week and work, for the honour of purchasing a hand crafted piece of art like the one I bought today??  Oh my,  I can only imagine what I would learn. I know it would not be easy but it would be life changing.   The meaning behind my new mala, a gift  that I bestowed upon myself seems to be sitting somewhere inside of this new dream becoming a  possibility one day. I now want to go there and experience that. 

This beautiful, fragrant rose mala carries the frequency of wisdom, manifesting desires, stability, love, clarity, intelligence, self-confidence, charisma, root chakra, balancing intuition, harmony, communication (throat chakra) psychic abilities and providing calm and soothing energy in a chaotic situation. (sounds good to me)

To initiate its frequency, I need to work with it for 22 days. According to Ray, here is how it works. 

How to Work with your Mala

Sit in silence
As you touch every bead (108) do so with a thought of thankfulness

I am thankful for… One thought for each bead

Do this every day for 22 days.
Only give gratitude to  one thing, once in 22 days.
In 22 days You will have been grateful for 2,376 ‘different’ things.

Once this cycle is complete, your Mala will be initiated.

This mala brings with it the embodiment and essence of creativityThere is something that feels extra special about wearing or holding an item that was so carefully crafted and beautifully made first by Mother Nature, God or the Devine and then touched by the hands of someone carefully crafted and shaped through time into something else with meaning and purpose.


This special gift that I bought today, comes with a message for me that -no thing that is Nothing’, is permanent.

It also reminds me that.

  • We all need to be awake to be able to be aware.
  • To stop and smell the roses.
  • When we are dwelling on the ‘s*!t in our lives, we can’t see.
  • Trust my intuition, not my thoughts of what if or how come.
  •  Be happy now, Be in this moment right now, not in yesterday not in tomorrow.
  • If I can’t be here in the moment, right now, my creativity can’t get in it
  • GO back to being like a child in the state of pure awareness.
  • Don’t give my creativity away – give it back to the world.
  • Dream. Be enthusiastic about dreams, visions, and my own Spiritual gifts that I bring to the world

For now,  it lays on my bedside table so that I can drift off to sleep with the smell of India’s roses filling my dreams.

with Gratitude,

Love Mary Ann

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  1. Update: I am currently on day 5 – I have shown gratitude for 540 things in my life thus far. I haven’t even got through my childhood experiences, my family and friends and all of the experiences that have brought me here. There is so much more to be thankful for yet.

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