These Are Soul-Making Times

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Have you seen your soul this past year? I have.

She arrived at the pandemic with a great heart, despite a few detours.

She now lives in a place unmade by humans, with a cup of the best coffee in her hands and her two dogs at her feet. She learned how to come out and play in places she has never been, and to feel the earth between her toes. She watched how the wind blows gently against the blades of grass in the open field. She drank the sweetest water from the stream in the Forever forest and waded through deep conversations with who she was. She let go of her own beliefs and instead learned the songs of birds and dreamt about the purpose of a pinecone, seeing everything in the forest as a reflection of herself and life. After a lifetime of holding on, she let go and became a haunter of the woods, finding steadiness on uneven ground and the strength to push herself back to life. She learned that she was here for Everything, and how to soar wingless into the unimaginable and land softly in the dark, letting it hold her in ways that she has never known. She is becoming more, roots burrowing deep into the wet earth, searching for nourishment. Her mind has been sparked with Chaucer and Shakespeare. She read all ten books and every single word in Milton’s Paradise Lost, the true epic poem, and let it take her through fear to a deep understanding of light, dark, and love. She is everything I have been missing in my life. The pandemic brought me to me.

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