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The clothes that I wear in my art studio are all covered with paint.  
I have been know to wear a brand new shirt into the studio just to finish one little area, but then somehow I get lost in my work and end up there for hours. My once new shirt left christened with a dab or two or three of paint, along with my hair and usually my nose . These blobs of paint are the evidence that I had left earth for a while and escaped into the other world and somehow managed to crawl back to earth.

I laugh now at my crazy obsessiveness when I was first learning to paint, because  I can see clearly now, that it wasn’t my desire to create the perfect piece of art that drew me in. I was hooked, (like on drugs hooked) to losing my mind. I was addicted to tapping into or inching myself closer to a feeling. I was chasing something that is hard to explain and that you can’t put into words, as it really has no name.

The closest words are bliss and love and ecstasy and they are all wrapped together; A oneness, a connection with something far greater than me. Painting, drawing and dreaming take me there, and so does helping others to do the same. I’m a drug pusher of sorts, a pusher of creativity and connecting one to one’s self through their creativity. I admit it, I am 100% hooked. I cannot live without it. I have to create every single day.

Creating isn’t just art. It is not only painting and drawing its much more than that. It is about awareness, and choosing curiosity over fear and having a willingness to step into the unknown in all areas of life. Creativity is being brave and vulnerable at the same time and being ok with imperfection and mistakes.

Creativity opens me up. It allows me to breathe. It opens my whole life up in so many other ways. It allows me to be able to live with uncertainty because I can adapt and change my thinking. It allows me to change my mind, to be imperfect, and to be okay with being imperfect. Creativity helps me make mistakes into something unmistakable. It helps me go with the flow of the unknown. It allows me to play and laugh and have fun without attachment to any outcome. It allows me to connect to and be guided by my feelings instead of my mind and over-thinking. It allows me to literally lose my mind, for a few hours.

My paint dabbed clothes are simply the earthly evidence that I was lucky enough to somehow have found and enjoyed an altered state, once again. They are little spots, like breadcrumbs of joy left as tokens to remind me to always go back.

The creative consciousness has endless room and welcomes everyone that is willing to lose their mind and step inside their heart.  

Would you be willing to lose your mind to experience some joy?

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