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Oh, Evocative Water.

Oh, evocative water. 

Still and sweet,
Sour and salty,
Rough and calm,
never asking  permission.

Only flowing, 
back and forth. 

I say, 
be like water. 

Say what you say.

See what you see.

Feel what you feel.

Hear what you hear. 
Release and unleash
of everything 
that’s inside of you, 

into the world, 

nourishing whatever 
you touch 

as gently as possible, 
as fiercely as necessary !

Be like water. 

MaryAnn Burrows  



MaryAnn Burrows  


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  1. Post

    Blessings Cathy . Thank you so much for sending this letter I was just asking the universe for a sign about me and my creativity and my life purpose and then this arrived …thank you so much for sending this…this means so much to me .
    With love,

  2. Dear Maryann,

    Your poems are powerful and I believe your messages of hope may be life altering and a comfort to my nieces age 22 and 25. They lost their Mom, my sister also named Maryann Burrows one year ago on 4/7/2021.

    My sister was an amazing woman, daughter, sister, Mom and caretaker, RN, mentor and a community advocate for those in need who struggled with various health issues. Unfortunately, she too struggled with bouts of depression and addiction through the years. She appeared to be managing and embracing the next phase of life until she lost her battle at passed at age 58.

    She too was creative. Your poems “Pieces of Light” and “Water” remind me of my sister Maryann and her life philosophy and the words she would use to release feelings and encourage others.

    Maryann loved nature especially the ocean. I will be sharing your poem, “Water” with my nieces in a few days. It almost feels like a mother’s life message to adult daughters. I believe it will bring them comfort and joy!

    I found your words to be simply elegant, soothing, healing and wise.

    Thank you for sharing your works.


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