What is a Zine?

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It is pronounced “zeen”, as in magazine.

A zine is a simple booklet, often photocopied in a format that acts as a vessel for anyone, and I mean anyone, to have a voice.  

Zines have found renewed popularity in the last decade and provide a medium for different groups to cultivate their forms of expression.  Simply put, they are a method to share work outside traditional creative world channels.

Zines are affordable, rare, and allow unfettered access to the creator’s perspectives. They are often tongue-in-cheek, eclectic, expressive, sad, and political. Anything goes, really. They can also be poetic, artistic, and fun, and because they are often self-published, they can be sold for, traded, and given away. 

A zine is usually a non – commercial, non-professional publication, kind of like a magazine but also very different.

The thing I love most about zines, besides that they are created in unique voices, is that anyone can create one. Zines are a great way to begin sharing your work. Here is a very easy FREE DIY tutorial to download and print so that you can practice creating your very own zine today. All you need is a pair of scissors and your imagination.

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    Thank you so much Cynthia – Rella from IG – I know you <3 I am not sure why my form continues to say invalid, but I did receive your email address. I will try to fix that. Thank you for reachiing out and also for being so engaging on IG It means alot to me.
    Also Were you able to download my pdf for zine making? please let me know.

  2. I used to belong to Yahoo art groups back in the beginning of 2000. Zines were big! It’s something I always hoped to do but life was so hectic then. Now – every day is my own to do what I wish – a zine may be in the making’s ❤️
    I can’t seem to leave my email above. It says it’s invalid? Gauthier8@outlook.com
    Xo Cynthia (Rella)

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