What’s Your Story?

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I have worked in the art world for years in various capacities; Creating a successful business, designing giftware, marketing, painting, drawing, creating/running a non-profit art society, mentoring and helping other people find their own creative spark.   Art continues to be my first love, but I have always been interested in the complexities of human nature and writing.

I love stories. I love people, they fascinate and intrigue me and listening to other’s stories about how they have travelled through life helps me to understand myself and the world.

Through stories we see clearly  how one’s thoughts and feelings shape their view of the world.  The act of writing  our story out can bring to light the underlying cause of one’s troubles within minutes.  Writing our story allows us to take a step back by turning our thoughts and feelings into sentences and bringing clarity to our lives. In doing so we see the anomalies which need to be resolved and conclusions that were drawn which now need to be changed.

This past year I started to take a closer look at my own life story and the strong connection between it and my creative journey.  As I looked back over the years at my art work I saw that my life and work seemed to be mirroring each other.   How I felt about myself and the world (based solely on my own perception, and my own belief system) was often portrayed through colour and form in my work.

To understand what was living inside of  the heart of my creativity, what was feeding it,  I needed to find the light inside of myself and take an honest look at it.   I also needed to know more about all of the experiences in my life that had caused me both pain and happiness that were lining the walls of soul and feeding most of my thoughts.

I started by writing out my story.  While writing out my story and looking at my art work together, I  saw clearly that my art was being influenced and that I was not only sitting in an old untrue story that I told myself, but I was chained to it and creating from it.   Discovering this was a huge a-ha for me. The lightbulb went on. :)  I was able to then make small shifts in my own perception, by challenging the old story and all of the old thoughts that I held about myself.  (Some of them since I was a young girl) Then the real treasure revealed itself…I had an opportunity to start fresh and create a new thought and a new story to create from. Understanding my old story and the experiences that had lead me to this belief helped me to see why it was in my mind.  My light began to shine brighter that day. It took some time, as old habits are hard to break but once I was conscious of  my thoughts I saw  my art work begin to change. The biggest challenge for me was answering the question, ‘Who would I be without my old story.”  and then letting it go and trusting that it would only be better.  It was. Over time,  I noticed my art work changing  and that was when I knew that I was creating from a new and different place. The work became lighter, happier and more fluid.  I WAS FREE, and now I was creating from a new, much better place.

Change your thoughts change your life is absolute truth.

You Matter and so does your Story.

Is it time to write your story?








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