Why I Wrote, “The Last Hurrah”

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One day last year I met a woman named Malia Johnson in Hawaii, who sparked the idea for my book ‘The Last Hurrah.’ Malia, an amazing woman, was not only well-educated and cheerful but also incredibly lively despite being in her nineties. Her outlook on life was progressive, and her lively spirit was visible in everything she did. Even at ninety, she radiated a love for life that infected everyone around her. Malia’s passion for dancing and football, along with her energetic approach, surprised many with her youthful vigor.

What stood out even more was Malia’s proactive mindset. One day, she pulled out detailed plans for her ‘Celebration of Life Party,’ showing her readiness to talk openly about life’s end. We had a long chat about this topic, where Malia’s openness and detailed plans reflected her determination to leave a lasting impression that celebrated her unique life journey.

Malia’s positive attitude, sharp wit, and wisdom were truly inspiring. Her courage to discuss the difficult topic of death made me realize its importance for myself and my parents, who were older than Malia. This realization, along with our conversations, inspired me to write ‘The Last Hurrah’ a reminder for myself and for others to embrace life’s celebrations and plan for the future with purpose.

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