Wild Storms

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There is, in life and in the creative process a need to allow for wild storms.  Before a storm there are those precious moments of peace, a build up, the chaos and conflict and then this beautiful release and revitalization that follows. The stormy part in the middle, although often full of chaos and conflict is essential.  Some feel that it is exciting and invigorating, others hate it and prefer the freshness that happens after the storm has passed. The secret is to allow all of it, not to silence it, not to try to control it, but to simply allow. Its about trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in the process. Stand firm and strong and allow your branches to flow and bend and to not let yourself become unrooted.  Storms are good and necessary.  They allow for the New, and the FRESH. They are the fuel for growth and transformation. If you are in the midst of a storm,  Stand in your truth, and don’t lose confidence in your own ability to withstand its progression.  Know that you have so much light and trust in your heart that you are able to see it brewing yet amidst the chaos stay unaffected by the lightening striking all around you.  This too, will pass.  Stand in your authenticity and then you will be able to see the gift within all of it – There is always a gift. Once it has passed, be ready to breathe in the fresh new exhilarating aftermath.  Remember without storms there would be no rainbows.

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