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WINTER CHALLENGE EVENT – Take a Hike Foundation is a very special organization that I believe makes a huge difference. Take a Hike partners with public school districts in BC to engage vulnerable youth in a full-time mental health and emotional well-being program embedded in an alternate education classroom. They take the youth outside and into the forest, camping and hiking as part of their program. They work with them teaching them the skills and resilience they need to graduate high school, build healthy relationships, navigate the challenges of young adulthood. This program is truly amazing. This winter something special is taking place. A Winter Challenge. I am super excited about this because its another an opportunity for me to get outside this winter as I work on embracing the cold weather and try something new – like snowshoeing, cross country skiing and winter hiking, walking in the cold and at the same time raising funds for a cause that is very close to my heart. (its only 15km) Hey, come on and join me in the challenge? OR if you don’t feel up to it – can you make a donation to my challenge? All the details are on my fundraising page.



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