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Here are a few of the writing programs that I have taken in the past year.

I look forward to winter. I find that this is the best time for me to write. In addition to my usual book on the go, every winter, I sign up for a little side hustle writing program to keep me connected to other people in the writing world and also to add to my already busy writing life. The course all vary in price and time commitment.  

Some of the writing programs I take are more involved, and some are little side hustles that don’t take more than 3 minutes a day, but I use these just to perk me up and keep me plugged into writing. 

Every one of these courses has helped me to become a better writer. 

Everyday is a Poem by Jacqueline Suskin – 

“Jacqueline Suskin is a performance poet and educator who has been teaching workshops, writing books and creating spontaneous poetry around the world since 2009. With her project, the Poem Store, Suskin has composed more than forty thousand improvisational poems for patrons who chose a topic in exchange for a unique verse. Her work has been featured in New York Times, T Magazine, Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, and other publications.” – from To be honest, I can not recall the cost of this course but it was well worth the price I have re-taken this class several times. 

I love this course and the best thing about it is that I own it and can take this class over and over again if I want to. Everyday is a Poem was the first poetry class I took online. Jacqueline has a beautiful way about her. She is inspirational, loving, and kind. I enjoyed rewatching the video, and I especially liked that I can do it at my own pace You can also hear more about this program from Jacqueline herself on a Podcast, where Jacqueline is interviewed by Tami Simon Insights at the Edge.

Poetry Classes with Judyth Hill  (

I take at least one, if not two, or three programs with Judyth Hill annually. Judyth is a mentor, a poet, an author, and an excellent teacher. She is also an editor and a writing coach. I love working with Judyth for so many reasons. She also has collected so many inspiring writers in her classes that every time I take a class with her, I feel like I have just come into a room of friends. The course prices vary depending on how long they are. I learn so much from this group of women. It is incredible. Judyth will inundate you with mounds of rich information. She goes above and beyond for her students. She loves writing, loves editing, and loves teaching. She is knowledgeable and fun. 

Green Goose Writing – at

I recently took Liz’s Write Your Book course and really enjoyed it. Liz is a well-organized amazing book coach. The course costs $997.00 USD and it is well worth the price. You can pay all at once or make monthly payments which is a great option.

How to Write Your Book: A Step-by-Step Plan to Wrangle Your Ideas, Write Like A Pro, and Create A Manuscript You’re Insanely Proud Of”

I learned so much from this course. Liz makes it sound so easy. She has the formula down pat and she is supportive and encouraging. This course is well-run and includes weekly videos from Liz and writing prompts that help you through the entire process. Liz has a step-by-step plan for how to write a chapter from beginning to end. She covers how to find the time to write, how to determine how long it will take to write your book, and how to finish and feel proud. The best part for me was learning how to assemble all of my ideas into one place so that I could easily write and then slip parts into their chapters. We also communicate on Voxer with Liz and the other students in the class. I like Voxer because you can leave voice messages and it’s really nice to connect that way with people. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to take their writing to the next level and finally write that book. Liz is also an editor. After I wrote my first chapter I sent it to her for a look-over. She is a good editor and her suggestions were really helpful.

Reconnect with Francine Bonjour Carter (

Reconnect is a beautiful program. Francine is a lovely woman. She sends out a package to participants that include three handmade cards, gorgeous stationery, and stamps. Along with this, you receive the names and addresses of 3 people. For three months, you write one letter a month to someone on the list. You also receive a letter back from 3 people during the three months. I love this program and have participated three times. Francine also hosts a zoom call with everyone at the beginning and end, where she talks about writing and gives writing prompts. The cost is $169 for three months. The class includes a beautiful package; participants must send three letters over three months. You also get access to the ReConnect online platform and all its resources: video, audio, prompts, and seasonal gatherings. Monthly Community Online Gathering

Post Crossing(

I came across this fun and super easy writing program a few weeks ago. Post Crossing is a free program by donation only if you want to contribute. (It’s a worthy cause, and I contributed.) Every participant receives the names and addresses of 5 people from around the world to send a postcard to and a code to write on the back of every postcard. Postcards are easy to write. They take 5 minutes. I had this unique postcard made because I wanted to send out something memorable and meaningful. Plus, I wanted to add my name, website, and IG handle printed on the back, and I loved this design. I had the Vancouver Indigenous land acknowledgment printed on the back. Once signed up are connected on a worldwide website with all the other postcard writers. The costs for this program are the postcards, the stamps, and your time. You can register a photo of your postcard on the website, and when your card is received, the recipient acknowledges it, and the photo of your card is revealed. It is cool. I have written to people in Korea, Germany, France, Taiwan, and the USA. You only receive five names at once, and once your card is accepted, you get a new name. Once your card is received, your name is sent out to someone, and they will write to you. Its super easy, fun, and affordable. People love postcards and LOVE collecting them. The website records the number of postcards that every participant sends out. I recently noticed that one person has sent 35,946 postcards out from Germany !! Can you imagine?

I’ve sent a total of six so far.

How does it work? It’s super simple 
  1. Request an address and get their postcard id
  2. Mail a postcard to that address
  3. Receive a postcard from another postcard member
  4. Register the Postcard ID you have received
  5. Go to number 1 to receive more postcards!

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